When we started creating websites at my in-law’s house a few years back, nobody understands what we’re doing. They all thought we’re just playing, browsing Facebook and doing unproductive things in the internet.

True, a lot of individuals and entrepreneurs still do not understand what internet can do to their businesses and how they will be able to help shape their future. It may still take sometime before most of the local entrepreneurs learn how to use it to their advantage.

Rappler, Ken Research and other internet research agencies showed us in their surveys that the most popular e-commerce and online platforms used in the country comes from Singapore, Malaysia, US and Europe. Only a few Philippine natively developed platforms are worth mentioning like Xend.

The point is, we need to encourage more of our local (Filipino owned) business to put their business online. Leap is here to help. We share Janette Toral’s belief of promoting e-commerce in the Philippine since 1997 when she started the “DigitalFilipino.com”

Starting is as cheap as free

Going visible in internet doesn’t mean spending a fortune for a website right away. We know a lot of new entrepreneurs who started by using Facebook as a free platform to sell goods.

A local business should have a Facebook page especially if they don’t own a website. That’s the easiest way to find and contact the business.

More importantly registering on google maps cost you not even a cent, but just 15 minutes of your time.

Most often than not free ironically means limited. Since nobody really wants to put a limit to their business, it’s time to take the game to the next level. Why not get a website? Starting a website costs around P30-P40 a day, or even cheaper, and that’s a really cheap price to pay for people to also take your business seriously.

Doing business 24/7

You can buy a new washing machine at 2AM before going to bed. Social media accounts gives you the ability to be contacted 24/7, though we’re not suggesting you to stay awake all night.

We don’t want to be caught unprepared one opportunities come. That is why we keep our websites 24/7 to do some of the work for us.

Not bound by location

Internet enables you to open a business in our own house, in areas less accessible to people and yet extend your reach as far as internet could reach.

Gone are the days when each business should open their stores in market zones to be seen and visited. Today transacting face to face with clients isn’t always required all the time, making less use of roads and transportation.

If you think on a bigger picture, less use of roads and transportation can contribute to alleviate the worse traffic conditions in the Metro. No wonder, experts say it’s our ticket to solve our problems like education, transportation and extending government services.

Growing users means bigger opportunities

We’ve heard this a million times in TV that the Philippine has one of the highest numbers of digital population in the world. We even ranked 7th largest in terms of facebook users. Obviously, without any science of interpreting data applied, it says bigger numbers means bigger opportunities.

Finally, Leap wants to help your business to be online because we believe that your business has a need to fill, a need that could help improve lives.

The information that we share over the internet as responsible users contribute to our common good.

It can empower and inspire people today and the next.

Wikipedia the most popular internet free encyclopedia and maybe the only encyclopedia that your grand children will ever know is made by all the people who shared. Without the people who shared, We’ll never hear the story of Lonesome George.